Tuesday, March 30, 2004

We wouldn't have to eat Kraft Dinner...BUT WE WOULD!

Another random discovery that completely made my day: Ian Golder's consuming devotion to macaroni and cheese dinner.

For the record: always Kraft Dinner; prepared with a wooden spoon (in fact, THE Wooden Spoon, with which Grandma used to chase us around the house, threatening a beating), but eaten with whatever utensil at hand; for dinner, but leftovers may be consumed at any time; more often than I care to admit; directions are for dopes.

Oh--and in adulthood, with plenty of both black and cayenne pepper, but in childhood...cut-up hot dogs. Ambrosia!

(Yes, we probably had some of that, too, with the mini-marshmallows and the nondairy topping.)

Aw. Grammy. I miss her...would gladly take a few whacks with The Wooden Spoon for the chance to tell her so.

1 comment:

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