Monday, September 19, 2005

What can brown do for you?

Yup, I've fiddled with the template; I'm no programmer and so all changes are undertaken VE. RY. SLOW. LY. and with much previewing and saving and cursing and accidentally deleting and hunting for the correct HTML color codes that will render less like "poop" and more like "Brach's Neapolitan caramel chews." Which for some reason you cannot examine on their web site, but which you can still scoop out of a giant bin at the grocery store. And thank God.

Anyway. New stuff to look at:
  • I bumped into my old buddy Georgia this summer at a party; hadn't seen her since our days at our previous employer, Craphole Industries. She is a mad, mad, mad lady who has no patience for all y'all and your bullshit...but she's off to Hawaii on the company nickel, and that has sort of cheered her right the fuck up.
  • PostSecret--haunting, hilarious and devastating, frequently all at once. It's like Found magazine combined with psychic mind-reading powers. Tell everyone.


Brooke said...

ha ha ha GOD DAMN I thought you would NEVER return the link. I was fixing to get good and pissy, too.

Thanks for the linky love, darlin. I feel much the same about that damn song, by the way.

Kim said...

Ah, yes. No slight intended, just my lame slowness! (Also, I hauled my drunk ass home that night and then was all, "Obvious Woman? Dubious Woman? Obstreporous Woman?..." for rather longer than was strictly necessary.)

When are you off to Hawaii? I am so very jealous!