Thursday, July 27, 2006

Paging George Costanza

Further evidence that New York City is the finest metropolis on the planet: as I heard on NPR yesterday, they cater to the modern businessperson with specialty boutiques just for napping.

MetroNaps has both Midtown and Wall Street locations (as well as, mysteriously, the Vancouver BC airport), and franchise opportunities are available should you want to open your own shop of crazy ergonomic reclining space pods for people to pay to doze in. They offer punch cards (buy six naps, get one free!), and (my favorite page) a selection of Nap Strategies. For when you feel like nodding off at your desk, but aren't sure how to make that most productive, I guess.

I'm so in love. And I'm sure I would need a little nap in my Sleep Egg after ordering in a different variety of mac and cheese for lunch every day, so it's all good. My Manhattan career plans are virtually set!


MeganZ said...

I heard this story too - almost enough to make me up and move to Manhattan. Or start one here. Brilliant.

Carrie said...

How hard would it be, really, for NerdCo to set up some Nap Eggs (or even, you know, cots in a dark, quiet room) for its borglets? I personally would give up a lot of free soda and (not free) drycleaning pickup service for that.

Or maybe I just need a Popish recliner and some eyeshades in my office...