Monday, July 23, 2007

Cardio funk blast

This morning at the gym, I'd finished my workout and was stretching in the little carpeted area set aside for such purpose. It was fairly crowded, with other stretchers and with various folks and trainers prodding them through this or that activity. There was a man being made to do situps and bicycle-type (lying down) calisthenics by his trainer, and I am telling you, this guy ripped a series of explosive, sputtery, EXTREMELY LOUD farts. I mean, me and several other ladies were LOOKING AROUND in amazement. They were whoopie-cushion-esque; they sounded fake, like someone was making the noise to be funny, but no.

So then in the locker room changing we were all still marveling at it. We agreed that only a man would just blithely "push through the set!!" with indifference, whereas had I made such a racket I would be all "well, time to join a new gym!" I am sort of impressed with his perseverance, really, because at the very least, if I had unleashed such a veritable thunderclap of farting, I'd still be lying there paralyzed with laughter. Before crawling away to my car and never going back as long as I lived.

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