Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mama don't allow

What you need to know: my father has mastered the Internet, by which I mean that he has figured out how to buy and (finally, eventually) to sell things on eBay and Craigslist. (The balance skews way, way more to the former, and so I am expecting to inherit a veritable sea of officially sanctioned Collectibles, one day.) Anyway. Dad's selections from the wide wide world of Web goodies, however, remain...inscrutable.

Sis says:
I talked to Dad this morning, and he had picked up a stand-up BASS on Craigslist for a steal ($695) and thinks I should learn to play.
Kim says:
ha!!! well, yeah, since you're not doing anything, right?
Sis says:
isn't that odd??
Kim says:
da-dum dum dum dum DUM dum dum dum...
Sis says:
that's EXACTLY what he did over the phone

Yes, this is entirely as random as this snippet would suggest. Neither of us plays any instrument; I muddled through two years of flute in elementary school and retained nothing, while Sis had something like a semester of Electric Piano as a freshman elective. Is Dad entertaining visions of finally launching that family jug band? Regardless, he didn't call me. I... don't know. Maybe I should start boning up on the comb-and-tissue-paper kazoo, from sheer jealousy.


mike said...

Yo, "neither of us plays an instrument" doesn't mean y'all can't play an instrument. As for playing stand-up bass, if I had two kids to offer that to, I'd pick the tallest.

chicklegirl said...

Hmmm. Scary to wonder how we would have turned out if we had followed the paths our parents would have chosen for us (fuggedabout what they may envision for our musical abilities!)

Gael said...

I would pay big money to watch the Douglas Family Jug Band. Would it be like the Bear Country Jamboree at Disneyland, only with fewer animated bears?