Friday, May 16, 2008

Birds all sing as if they knew

Last night, I approached the season finale of The Office with the same giddy anticipation as the rest of you: OMG was Jim gonna propose to Pam?!? I mean, I'd started screaming a tiny bit in my living room when he showed off the ring, like, a month ago. Wheeee! I watched breathless to see it unfold; I winced when poor Andy, heaven help him, stepped all over the moment and popped the question to frosty, mortified Angela instead; I shuddered and giggled in equal measure when she said "...Okay." (And I gasped and cringed and giggled some more at the final twist, Angela breaking her marriage vows before she'd even taken them. Poor, poooooor deluded Andy! But also thank God, and also BOY are things going to be tense on the Party Planning Committee going forward.)

But then, this morning, I was watching a few moments of the Today show before darting off to the gym. And on the steps of the California State Supreme Court, people gasped and cheered and screamed for joy, and a small salt-and-pepper-haired woman shouted into her cell phone: "Honey, will you marry me?" And that, that was the proposal that made me burst into tears, this week. "She's crying," the woman said, grinning, holding the phone out at the camera. Me too, lady, me too. Congratulations, to California and to everyone now allowed to marry whoever they damn well please, whoever they love. Two states down, 48 to go.

Also if there are any Jim Halpert-esque boys out there who would like to propose to me, please yell a little louder; I haven't spotted you yet.

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