Tuesday, March 07, 2006

An open letter

...to the person who parked next to me yesterday:

Hey! Hi! So, remember how you parked your expensive German automobile with wacky disregard for the pretty white lines painted on the ground to indicate regular, ample automobile spaces for all? So that I had to shimmy into my vehicle through an improbable six-inch gap, giving myself a free mammomgram in the process and pinching a nerve in my shoulder such that three fingers on my left hand are still a little tingly? Yeah, that! Well, I might have opened the door of my 10-year-old Korean crap car very vigorously into the door of your car. Two or three more times. You know, just to see that everything was working properly, what with the neurological damage and the mashed boob and all. Sorry about that. Except, completely and totally not, dickweed.


Anonymous said...

I see that you boxed me in again, jerk ... I better TEST (wham) the door to make SURE (wham) it opens all the WAY (wham) so I can get IN (wham).

My old car actually had a dent in the edge of the door from such tests. Plenty of opportunities to test things out in our company garage, as it turned out.

-- Mike

michelle said...

I wish I had a car right now, just so I could do some testing of my own. Maybe I'll kick the gate on the way out to the bus stop. So many bastard coworkers, esp. those in finance who are not ponying up my travel expense reimbursement.