Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Things that make you say AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Dude. Dude. New item on the list of Things I Will Never Be Able to Stop Thinking About Ever: spontaneous globe luxation. Or, as Slate describes it, when YOUR EYEBALL POPS OUT WHEN YOUR EYELID IS PUSHED IN THE RIGHT WAY.

Oh sweet Jesus, I could totally have my eyeball come boinging out accidentally at any time. It was kind of Slate's Explainer to describe how to relocate my fucking eyeball back in my fucking skull, there at the end of the article, but at that point I was not paying much attention because of having leapt backwards over my desk chair, causing it to twirl emptily as I writhed on the floor holding my hands over my face JUST IN CASE.

Nighty night! Sweet dreams!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the eyes. Normally, I am not squeamish. But when I heard the NPR stories a couple of months back about the doctor who invented the ice pick lobotomy, I was through (and couldn't shake the thought for minutes). Eeeek. Here they are again...


Michelle said...

I once saw an interview with Raol Julia (who is dead now) in which he described his own eyeball popping out and having to be popped back in during the filming of the Adams Family. I can't remember if he was poked. It seems like there was something in all the flipping around stunts he did for the movie that DISLODGED HIS EYEBALL. They had to suspend shooting for a week or so because his eye was so red and irritated by the event. And I never forgot this, because it confirmed my worst suspicions about the tenuous relationship between my eyeballs and their sockets.