Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Frosty the axe murderer

...was a jolly, happy soul! With a corncob pipe and a button nose, and one arm made out of a hatchet. The other one's a rake, and bitch, he will cut you.

Complete with bucket hat, Frosty is close to eight feet tall--an anomaly I don't think I've ever seen on Seattle streets; it's warming rapidly and I was a little afraid to approach Frosty for a closeup, for fear he would topple and smush me.

Also I am now a little scared of the neighbors.


MeganZ said...

Oh man, I laughed so hard at this one. :) Good GOD!

Mrs. Mr. Sis said...

Awesome! You need not be afraid of these neighbors - you need to party with them!

MeganZ said...

We drove by the next day to see this monster but he had collapsed - his eyes and nose were still visible embedded in his midsection, but there was no hatchet in evidence. Darn.