Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Sis and Mr. Sis have purchased a new house, and just listed their current abode for sale this week. Already they have been besieged by agents, shoppers, and snoopers. Also something that rhymes with "snoopers." In today's IM/real estate ettiquete lesson, Mr. Sis proves that, while they have been wed a mere eight months, they are clearly matched for life:

Sis says:
man, someone crapped CORN floaters in our toilet!
Kim says:
Sis says:
[Mr. Sis] asked, "Did you poop???"
Sis says:
and I said, "No, not today....why?"
Sis says:
And he screams, "CORN!"


Mrs. Mr. Sis said...

I have shared the Remax pooping agent story with MANY. Our neighbors are shocked. I have gone crazy with the Lysol already, but then I realized that if they actually washed their hands, they likely dried them on MY TOWEL. SICK.

Alyssa said...

Sweet fancy Moses. Yet another reason why I'm not going to ever sell my house.