Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In the name of love

Dinner at Krispy's last night. The twins are now three, and before dinner I amused myself perusing this month's activity calendar for their preschool. October has both a Halloween and a Safety First theme. I like that juxtaposition, actually--something a little scary paired with something brave or smart or safe. They make cardboard bats, and then they learn what 9-1-1 is. Later this month, they're having a firehouse visit to meet Our Friend the Fireman; maybe I can get myself invited along as a chaperone?

I was still there when Krispy was wrangling each boy in turn for some vigorous toothbrushing. On the hall floor I noticed an earlier safety craft project: a red construction-paper octagon taped to a cardboard tube, from Our Friend the Crossing Guard day. Idly I picked it up and turned it over to read the cut-out letters glued to its face: TOPS.

Man, I gotta have me some kids.

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MeganZ said...

That's. So. Adorable.