Thursday, November 01, 2007

National Piss or Get Off the Pot Month

Yeah, I haven't quite pulled the commitment trigger on NaNoWriMo this year, despite the lateness of the hour. I don't know; I enjoyed the hell out of it in 2005, but flamed out so spectacularly in 2006 that I am torn. Almost precisely in half, actually. My preparatory work consists entirely of a series of nearly illegible post-its scattered around my desk at home and a vaguely evocative Lee Friedlander photograph cut out of the New Yorker. not sure that's enough.

To split the difference, I signed myself up for National Blog Posting Month. Consider this my promise that I'll be sharing the literary equivalent of navel lint with both my readers, every day for the next 30 of 'em. In a row! I was at least partly motivated in this quest when Holly gently pointed out that our friend and long-ago schoolmate Chicklegirl blogs more than I do, "and she has a newborn at home." Point taken! However, an equally pressing inspiration was simply my desire to have one of them floating-LOLcat-head badges for my sidebar.

Thotz. I haz them!

Meanwhile, give it up for Erin and Steve, out in the noveling trenches while I still mince around here on the lip of the pool. I stand before you, proffering virtual lasagne and Mallomars. Go, go!

Could I mix any more metaphors and allusions into that paragraph?


MeganZ said...

Yay! More pagooey posts to come!

I thought about doing this too, but it sounds a little daunting.

Anonymous said...

ah.. NaNoWriMo.

Two guys on my old team just to make a huge song-and-dance of doing this.

They were, hands down, the most unproductive wastes of office space on campus. It might have been the only work they did the entire year.