Sunday, July 06, 2008

Blank #1

On this lazy Sunday, I have:
  • Sat around with a magazine and coffee
  • Gone to the bookstore in a vain attempt to acquire this month's bookCLUB reading
  • Contented myself instead with the latest Jennifer Weiner novel and a new yoga mat (the old one was getting a little crumbly, and a little rank)
  • Grocery shopped
  • Bought giant bags of both cat chow and cat litter--circle of life, there
  • Prepared an actually healthy, balanced dinner of chicken, broccoli, and brown rice
  • Done two loads of laundry (and have three, now, to fold)
  • Gone clanking down to the recycle cart in the alley with two weeks of magazines, boxes, bottles, and cat food cans
  • Upheld my commitment to NaBloPoMo, already faltering and not even a bloody week into the thing

I feel somewhat accomplished, if unrested...but can't keep my eyes from falling on the dishes, the floors that need mopping, the fact that the yard is overgrown to the point of a fairy-tale enchantment. Agh, summer. The thought of the alarm going off in less than eight hours makes me want to weep...but who has time?


chicklegirl said...

The good news, although I'm commenting too late for it to be of use when you wrote, is that crying is easily multi-tasked: one can weep while doing dishes, folding laundry, as well as performing a whole host of yard-maintenance activities. Also, a sure cure for insomnia: crying yourself to sleep. Who knew?

chicklegirl said...

P.S. I like the new color scheme. It makes me feel like eating sherbet.

Laurell said...

Keep on writin', Kim, so I can keep on cyber-stalkin'! (Also, you're welcome. ::smile::)