Monday, July 07, 2008

Book 'em, Dano

Two book-related links today, both of them ultimately via Blogger's little blogs-of-note feature, and both of which I hope to check in with more often.

1. i heart photograph's June 22 post featured the work of Nina Katchadourian, specifically her "sorted books" project; she goes through a private or public book collection and pulls specific titles, arranges them as a brief narrative or found poetry, and photographs the results. The shark tale featured in the post is a delight, though this piece is my favorite:

The complete library (edited to add: ha ha ha! that wasn't even on purpose!) of Katchadourian's work is here.

2. Wendy Molineux at Fake Interviews with Real Celebrities held a little contest recently, asking readers to suggest appropriate titles for a list of "Bestsellers for People with Low Expectations." I'm actually a little surprised that some of my work colleagues did not know about this and spend, say, 17 hours generating entries last week. (Though I suppose they could have; it's not like anyone's going to put it in their status report.) Maybe they, like the winner, were simply too beset with unlocalized ennui: As I Lay Tired.

I admit to also having a soft spot for Harry Potter and the Gaping Void in Your Life, but that might be in part because I spent much of the weekend watching bits of the first four movies on ABC Family, between naps on the couch.

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chicklegirl said...

Gasp! Are you a closet HP fan, too? I feel so much less unliterary with my guilty little pleasure now I know that about you. And I love that title, HPGVYL; my husband would attest to the truthfulness of that (especially for the 24 hours immediately following my purchase of each book in the series).