Thursday, July 03, 2008

Land that I lovlove

When the fam and I were driving through Snohomish county the other night, we did get one more laugh out of the proceedings. We passed a strip-mall Skipper's franchise--a regional fish-and-chips chain--and I spotted a large banner strung across the corner of the parking lot:


Oh...kay. I'm going to slap my Inner Editor back to consciousness, and presume that whoever crafted this sign was finding a rural seafood joint a tough sell, and attempting to appeal to landlubbers. The banner went on to tout some sort of burger and a Philly cheese steak, because our great nation is a vast melting pot of cultures and cuisines, all of which can be warmly welcomed and crappily adapted for a fast-food outlet menu. I look forward to their egg-roll nachos!

But seriously. Landlovlovers? Points for adhering to a vaguely nautical/piratical vernacular...but this stalls out at the intersection of and "types with a stutter," somehow. The banner had been professionally screen-printed, and I can't help marveling at it, at how not one person down the chain of command looked at this and had second thoughts, or third thoughts, or any thoughts. Cut and print! Let's go! Fried clams and cheese steaks and, I don't know, spinach crepes, are what make this country great.

Of course we all have cheapo cell phones that don't do anything except make phone calls, so I have no picture. I would lovlove it if Mom went back and got one for me, though.

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Mrs. Mr. Sis said...

I'm glad you're writing again. I lovlove it!