Friday, April 20, 2007

Let's go, Hokies

I feel like I have no business commenting on the Virginia Tech tragedy. Not that that stops me. I'm not affected, I know none of the victims personally. It's a horrific event, to be sure--I am moved and appalled...but who gives a damn what Random Mid-Thirties Blogger thinks about it? My thoughts bring nothing new to the table, but I'll launch them into the cyberfray anyhow:

1. The media are vultures (and shame on you, Slate, for choosing as a cover image the photo of nutbar Cho aiming a pistol directly in my face, thanks a lot).

2. Gun culture in the U.S. is entirely out of control. Conservative pundits' assertions that the victims were cowards for fleeing, and that they should have all been armed to drop their assailant in a wild-West shootout, physically sicken me.

3. It doesn't have dick to do with video games, seriously. Tell it to Charles Whitman.

4. It also doesn't have to do with crappy creative writing. If I had a spree killer to associate with every grotesque, gross-out, shoddily written story I've endured in various workshops and slushpiles...well, I'd be dead. Gory fiction is not a direct indicator of mental health, or Quentin Tarrantino would obviously be property of the nut factory.

Cho was obviously deeply disturbed, and the university did the best it could to get him help. Ultimately, they failed each other. Numerous faculty tried, Cho resisted...and he was 23 years old, a grown man. A sick, deranged man who was solely responsible for his own terrible actions, in the end.

Anyway. Salon covers the creative writing angle very well here; Erin also has a good roundup from teachers and writers. (I see she's added the Salon article too, so we can create a Mobius strip of linkery.)

Meanwhile, over the last few days I've had a few conversations with colleagues, openly wondering if such a thing could ever happen here, at NerdCo...and, honestly, why it hasn't happened yet. It's a huge company in a deliberately collegiate "campus" setting, and chock-full of smart, creative, obsessive, borderline-Aspbergers-type people. Actually there's a strong enough Ren-faire contingent that I would less surprised, I guess, if someone ran amok in here with a broadsword.

On the back of each office door hangs NerdCo's little tablet of emergency response guidelines. A couple of us dug into that, this week. Instructions are provided for medical emergencies and creepy mail, hazmat spills, fire, and both severe snowstorms (sadly, "do not drive like an asshole" is not listed) and "volcanic eruption"--a nice feature of our particular location on the Pacific Rim. (The floor is made of LAAAAVAAA!)

The first recommended response to workplace violence included locking your office door. Interesting, because unless you are a super big deal in the management structure, these doors have no locks. Also a large floor-to-ceiling window next to each door, facing the hallway. Hmm.

I contemplated jumping from my second-story window, leaping for the spindly tree outside. The trees that border my building are notorious for whipping savagely about in the least breeze; it occurred to me that, should I launch myself into the tree, it would no doubt bend dramatically and then slingshot me back into the room, directly into the path of the hypothetical crazed gunman.

Okay, I don't have a point. Unless it's that random violence is, in fact, random. In the fraction of a second I might have to make a decision, if my life were at stake...well, there aren't really any good decisions to choose from. The advantage, sadly, is with the homicidal maniac, for whom it is far far too easy to get all the guns he pleases.

Oh no, guns don't kill people...people kill people. Frequently, deranged fucking lunatics WITH GUNS.



Brett said...

Good stuff, Kim. I have two comments:

First, if the conservatives were truly interested in "strict constructionist" interpretations of the constitution, then the correct reading of the second amendment would allow all white men to own single-shot muzzle-loading muskets.

Second, this tragedy has inspired perhaps the dumbest thing ever heard among the gun lobby commentariat--which is a very high bar. I have heard pundits say that if college students all had guns, Cho would have been taken out quickly. Has this a**hole ever been to college at all? On a Saturday night? Does he really think it a good idea that testosterone-addled drunk kids should be taking guns to parties? If this were the common practice, I'd have been killed in 1983 during an argument over which Pink Floyd album is the best. Jesus H. Christ.

Anonymous said...

That's stupid. It's "Wish You Were Here"