Wednesday, November 21, 2007

No thank you

I'm grouchy. I'm supposed to be baking a cake, and I probably should have taken advantage of the glorious fall weather today to go for a run in preparation for tomorrow's gluttony blast, and stupid, stupid me, I signed up to blog every day in stupid November, and altogether I am IN NO MOOD. Or, well, I am in a mood, but it sure isn't a productive one.

I had a lot of thoughts...about gratitude, and Thanksgivings past, and the nature of blogging daily and the strange confessional, blurty frame of mind it somehow puts me in. But I don't have the patience for any of that, right this moment. So y'all will just have to wait. Grump, snort.


chicklegirl said...

Hope you work it all out (the grump/snort, that is) and have a happy Turkey Day! :)

Kim said...

Thanks, lady! Hope yours was pleasant as well, and without the sonic accompaniment of Frankencar. :)