Tuesday, November 20, 2007

!ZOMG best special effects EVAR!!!1!

Anybody else watch Heroes? I was lounging in front of last night's episode, in which Elle, the woman who's been using her Magical Electrical-Zapping Powers for Eeeevil had been captured by the good guys. They'd tied her up with her feet in a tin bucket of water to thwart her zappy abilities, hee hee. So anyway she was real mad, and trying to electro-blast her way free with very shocky screamy results...and at that precise instant, there was a single, solitary, COLOSSAL lightning strike in my neighborhood. Had to be less than a mile away, I'm guessing--the lights flared, and there was a virtually simultaneous DETONATION of a thunderclap overhead that all but blew me off the couch, every hair standing on end. Elle screamed, I screamed...it was like the Sensurround effects in a schlocky B movie, where the seats are wired to give you a little jolt just as the giant radioactive ant or whatever bursts onscreen. Couldn't have been any better synchronized, I tell you. It was kind of awesome. The cats were pop-eyed and furtive for hours afterwards.

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