Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Roll call

One of the funny things about NaBloPoMo--writing every day bumps stuff off the bottom of my post queue a lot faster. I know I could go in and change the settings in Blogger to display more than a week at a time, but this doesn't take into consideration how incredibly lazy I am. The other thing this project has revealed to me is that my sloth is perpetually at war with my competitive nature. Go figure.

So. I'd started this in the comments to an earlier post, but figured I should put it here for visibility. When I was drafting the entry about my high school reunion, after mentioning that the handful of people I wanted to keep in touch with, I already had...originally, I called them all out by name. But it was getting wordy, and some folks have their separate Interweb identities, so I cut it.

There were five names, initially. Three of them surfaced in the comments to that post...hee hee. And I know Dave's reading, too--last week in my referral log, I had a hit from Iran, which startled me mightily for a moment until I placed him correctly in his travels. (Interesting, that in all his time in China, he had to go through some considerable workarounds to see any Blogger sites, mine included...but Iran was apparently no trouble. Go read his travelogue, if you haven't; it's a fascinating perspective on a place that, surely, 99.99% of Americans will never see--and that a few select Americans are hell-bent on destroying. But I'm getting off topic.)

So. This is a direct appeal to the electronic ether, for person-I-give-a-rat's-ass-about #5: SCOTT. WAKE UP, THE INTERNET IS CALLING YOU, MY GOOD MAN.

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